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 Three Class rule amendments approved in Association vote.
The following Changes  to the J35 Class Rule have been approved.  The changes are to 1. allow for alternate folding and feathering propellers to be used other then the current specified Martec. 2. to allow the use of up to 5 battens in the mainsail, and 3 to allow up to 9 crew of any weight or 1650lbs if more than 9 for class racing. Proposed Amendments are as follow with new language in quotes: Rule 3.4.2 The propeller shall be a standard Martec bronze propeller of these dimensions, 406mmx356mmx25.4mm (16"x14"x1") "Or any bronze folding or feathering prop of equal dimensions and weight with prior approval of the technical committee." 4.7.2 Shall be fitted with four (4) "or five (5)" battens of any length and the centers of the batten pockets shall divide the aft edge of the sail into equal parts: plus or minus 76mm 5.5.1 The maximum crew "shall be nine (9) persons or a combined crew" weight of 1650 pounds, "whichever is greater". Clothing is optional at weigh-in.

Thank you to all Association members who participated in the vote.  The only NO votes received were in regard to the mainsail change (one no vote cast) and the weight limit (two no votes cast).  There was some discussion regarding the wording of the weight limit amendment as some were confused by the language and we may address this in the future if it continues to be problematic but for clarification the if you are sailing with 9 or less there is now NO weight limit. If you want to sail with 10 or more the original weight limit of 1650 lbs remains in effect.  

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