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National Class Association

2019/20 Owners & Membership Roster Page

(Please fill out the top of this form and return even if you do not wish to join the Association)

Boat Name: ____________________________ Hull #__________ Sail Number__________

Member Name: _______________________________________________

Street Address: _______________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________

Home Phone: ____________ Work Phone: ____________ Cell Phone: ____________

Fleet # / Location: _____________________________

____ Owner 2019 & 2020$125.00$125.00
____ Owner 2019$75.00$75.00
____ Co-Owner$50.00$50.00
____ Associate Member$50.00$50.00
____ Crew Member$25.00$25.00

Liability Waiver

I agree to abide by the rules of the J35 Class Association, and US Sailing. I agree to waive any liability that the J35 Class, its officers or agents may have for, and agree that my crew, and damage to any boat or property of mine while I’m participating in any race or related competition or event sponsored by the J35 Class Association. As a skipper, I agree that I shall inform all crew members of this waiver and obtain their agreement to its conditions.

Signature____________________________ Date ____________

Make check payable to “J35 Class Association” and return with this form to:
J35 Class Association
C/O Robert Gordenker
1514 Traver Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

pdf_icon.gifDownload this form
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