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Subject: Bow Anchor Locker Install?

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Jonathan Knowles

05/29/2018 3:30 PM  
Greetings J35 CA...

I posted several years ago that I was looking for a J35... We'll last November I purchased  #153 (50153). Congrats to me! :)

The boat, "Outlaw", was an extremely well maintained J-boat owed by a very passionate owner.  The prior owner had primarily day sailed and only lightly raced. So it was very nice  and "not beat up" interior, but is rigged with all the more current racing gear. Although, it does lack a deep sail inventory.

My Question to you all....

I live in the Pacific Northwest where the Bruce anchor is king.    The Danforth tends to skip eel grass and does not reset every well in our swirling currents.   However,the J35 anchor storage is limited to the Danforth.. and the extra line/chain needs to be stored down in the cabin.   There is plenty of room in the bow for anchor storage and even space for a windlass.

Has anyone ever installed an anchor locker with a triangle hatch in the bow of a J35?  Or installed some sort of bow anchoring system.  I'd bee up for getting rid of the side locker and increase my closet storage size.

I guess as long as I'm on the subject, anyone installed a bow roller?   The J109 and J120's have a very cool removable Bow Roller... this would be nice addition.


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